Tips on permanently kicking your smoking habit

Easy Stop Smoking Tips

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Stop Smoking Now

Smoking is a very difficult habit to break but there are steps you can take to make it easier. Despite the difficulty the good news is that every day hundreds of people successfully kick their habit.

Throwing your cigarettes in the trash and expecting to immediately give up a habit you have indulged for years is unrealistic and likely to fail. However, if you plan it out carefully and find ways to combat the addiction you now have a fighting chance.

The first thing you need to do is examine your motivation for quitting, a vague desire will not be enough to prevent relapse.

  • Write down your reasons for wanting to stop – thinking about them at this level and recording them helps to anchor them in your mind greatly improving the chances of success. Unless they are convincing to you your mind will find excuses to start again.
  • Set a date for quitting a week or so ahead and time it so that it does not coincide with something that will make smoking harder to resist such as a party you cannot miss. Identifying when you crave after a cigarette can help you come up with ways to either avoid or deal with the situation.
  • Look into the alternatives available to help with nicotine withdrawal effects. There are herbal cigarettes which help you stop smoking by reducing both the mental and physical side effects of nicotine withdrawal. Most of these use Lobelia which has a similar effect on the brain to nicotine. Alternatives are nicotine patches which provide nicotine but at a lower level than you get from smoking. This is very much less harmful than cigarettes because the tar in the tobacco is by far the most toxic part of the cigarette.
  • Taking frequent exercise helps in countering the addiction as it stimulates the production of dopamine by the body in the same way as nicotine (the feel good factor you get from smoking).
  • Drink lots of water as this helps flush out the toxins that have built up you organs for years. This allows you to rebuild your pre-smoking health much more quickly.
  • Without nicotine your metabolism will slow and unless you do something you will put on weight. You can counter this by eating smaller healthy meals and eating 5 or 6 times a day. Junk food is to be avoided at all costs.

Take it one day at a time as bite sized chunks are easier to digest. If you relapse do not let it get you back on the smoking habit just regard it as a small mistake and re-read your written reasons for quitting and re-affirm them to yourself. You can then continue with your program.

You should be aware that your cravings and withdrawal symptoms will reach a peak roughly 72 hours (3 days) after you stopped and will start to diminish after that. It is critical that you look out for this because your willpower will need to be at its strongest at this point.

With perseverence you can successfully stop smoking but you have to be committed to it wholeheartedly otherwise it will not work. Whilst it is not easy to stop smoking planning ahead and anticipating the inevitable challenges will ease the effort and improve the prospects of success.

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